Next Generation Toyota Camry Coming Soon

People were starting to get a little worried over Toyota's four-month quietness, following the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. Happily, the Japanese automaker is approaching a return to full production levels, and they've started talking "new" again... a sign that things are looking up.

What do we mean by "talking 'new'"? "New" both in regards to models and technologies...When an automaker is launching a lot of newness, and keeping discussions of innovation active, it's a good sign that their bound for sustained success.

The newness Toyota has in store for us is comprised of a diverse array of offerings aimed at satisfying all different driver's needs and preferences. This fall, they're planning to release the Prius V minivan, next-generation Camry and Camry Hybrid...and Scion iQ. Scion, for those of you not familiar with the brand, is Toyota's youthful, edgier arm.

Toyota will launch the next-generation Toyota Yaris towards the end of the year. You may have previously read about this. And, looking ahead to next year, they'll introduce two additional Prii models, the C and Plug-In, RAV4 EV, and other to-be-announced models and technologies.

The forthcoming new models, we'd like to focus on right now, however, are the next-generation Toyota Camry and Toyota Camry Hybrid. Again, we expect them to hit DCH Toyota of Oxnard - 1631 Auto Center Drive - Oxnard, CA 93036 this fall.  While few details surrounding the Camry models have been released and/or confirmed at this time, we do know the two refreshed models promise drivers leading-edge technology features, enhanced performance, cushier ride, a modern design, and more refined handling.

Stay tuned to learn more about the new Toyota Camry, new Toyota Camry Hybrid, and other imminent Toyota models from DCH Toyota of Oxnard - 1631 Auto Center Drive - Oxnard, CA 93036.

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