Victor Sheppard of Louisiana got what sounds like the best trade-in deal in the world last May. He received a new, 2016 Toyota Tundra in exchange for his old 2007 model. What made his old pickup so valuable?

It had over 1 million miles on the odometer, and still had its original engine, transmission, and most of its original parts.

"Having a million-mile truck in as pristine condition as this one with original parts is a truly rare find," explained Mike Sweers, chief truck engineer from Toyota Technical Center. "Our team plans to tear down the entire truck, bumper-to-bumper, top-to-bottom to evaluate how the quality and safety we designed, engineered and built into the Tundra has held up to over one-million miles of real-world driving and help us continue providing ever-better vehicles for our customers."

If you want to keep your truck on the road as long as Sheppard, the key is maintaining a service schedule. In nine years, Sheppard brought his truck in to the dealership service center 117 times, due to his high-mileage driving style.

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