At DCH Toyota of Oxnard, we believe in being part of the solution to climate change, protecting our beaches from being eroded by sea-level rise. One dramatic step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is switching from petroleum gas, to clean-burning hydrogen.

Though the Toyota Mirai won World Green Car of 2016, it takes bravery to become an early-adopter of new technology.

Mark Mobley of Garden Grove is one of an elite few who took the plunge into owning a hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicle. He loves it.

"People stop me in the grocery store parking lot to talk about it," he says.

One of the biggest fears with hydrogen vehicles is re-fueling. Mobley says he has to drive a few miles to reach the nearest hydrogen station, but so far it has not been an issue. The Mirai has a range of up to 300 miles on a single fill-up, and he finds it easy to refuel on the weekend.

"I usually have the pump to myself, but one time two other Mirais were in line behind me. It was like seeing a gathering of California condors," he jokes.

The rise of hydrogen cars is limited to the pace at which a hydrogen-fueling network can be built, but more and more stations are opening, including a new hydrogen station in development in Thousand Oaks. See a current map of hydrogen stations in California to figure out if a Toyota Mirai could be right for you, or check out our inventory for other green options.

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