With sights set on making the world a little greener while remaining conscious of catalytic precious metal resource depletion, Toyota announced on February 22, 2017 the gradual introduction, first in later-2017 Lexus LC500h vehicles, of a new and world's-first integrally-molded Flow Adjustable Design Cell (FLAD®) substrate for cleaning exhaust fumes and helping to reduce air pollution.

Extensive research and development during a joint collaboration of Toyota and Denso Corporation has yielded a new, smaller catalyst that reduces precious metal use by 20 percent and with an approximately 20 percent smaller volume, maintaining reliable exhaust gas purification performance while keeping costs low.

A conventional exhaust catalyst uses one uniform channel to vent gas, but the new substrate's high cell density, concentrated where exhaust flow rate is greatest, means improved uniformity of exhaust flow and cleaner air exiting your vehicle.

Needless to say, we at DCH Toyota of Oxnard are excited about, and proud to see, Toyota's continuing commitment to putting a little extra green in our Pale Blue Dot. Imagine what this curio will do for environmentally friendly models like Camry Hybrid, Prius, Prius c, Prius Prime and RAV4 Hybrid. And as Toyota is already at the forefront of future thinking with the zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cells offered in the 2017 Mirai, the dream is fast becoming reality.

While we await this eco-friendly addition, you're welcome to come visit us here at our Oxnard showroom to see for yourself the model of efficiency that is a Toyota. Our extensive selection of vehicles are ready for test drives. Stop by today!

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